Born in Brasilia and having contact with different cultural expressions brought by the immigrants to the new capital, Isabella had an early start on an eclectic life and work experience with Brazilian art and music. In 1991 she got a bachelor degree in Teaching in Arts at “Universidade de Brasília” and since then she has been working with music and arts both as artist and educator.   

Member of the not-for-profit organization COEPi since 1998, Isabella has worked in several art-education projects: Urgente Reciclar (Urgent Recycling), a carnival group, working as costume designer and performing as flag bearer; Ponto de Cultura, a national program supported by the Ministry of Culture, working as coordinator and art teacher; Profusão Rítmica, a fusion dance group mixing traditional Brazilian rhythms and hip hop, putting together youth and elders, working as director; Cavalhadas de Pirenopolis, a short film by Roger Mello and Adolfo Lachtermacher, working as art producer (scenery, dressing and scenic objects); and Recriando com os Mestres a multimedia play at Cine Pireneus, gathering fifty children and oral-tradition masters, working as screenwriter and director.

In the musical area, Isabella performed in Brasília with the group Liga Tripa and sang in venues beside the guitarist Cacau Alencar. In Pirenópolis she sang and played guitar in the bands: Zanmbê - traditional Brazilian rhythms and Banda Larga – Brazilian popular music. 

During two years in New Zealand, 2008-9, Isabella developed an intense musical work, putting together the bands Brazealand and Roda de Samba, which performed a variety of Brazilian rhythms, integrating Brazilian and New Zealander musicians. Isabella was also co-producer of Live Brazil Festival 2009 and member of the percussion group Wellington Batucada, where she played sang and danced in many public events. 

Back in Brazil in 2010, Isabella formed the samba band Batuque no Buteco, singing classical songs with Cristina Campos and accompanied by talented young musicians. The band has played in local venues and during the Gastronomic Festival they presented a tribute to the 100th birthday of the famous Brazilian singer Carmem Miranda. In 2010 she also produced and sang in a Tribute to Baden Powell the great acoustic guitar player, accompanied by guitarists Nelson Latif and Bosco Oliveira from Brasilia.

Currently Isabella is a member of Quinteto Popular Brasil alongside Victor Batista, Ricardo de Pina, Eudimar Carvalho and Ze Krishna, playing traditional Brazilian rhythmas. The group performed in XII Canto da Primavera 2011 in Pirenópolis and made a series of concerts and workshops in Santiago, Chile in january 2012 including the Cultural Center of the Embassy of Brazil and Pablo Neruda Museum. Travel supported by the Program for Cultural Exchange and Difusion of the Brazilian Ministry of Culture. Isabella also integrates a compact version trio of tradictional rhythms with Victor Batsita e Nelson Latif, called Camerara Caipira.